The How & Why of Psicotecnica Drive



I work in the field of psychology for many decades
I had and I have to do with many and different perspectives of approach and intervention: clinical, theoretical, of basic scientific research, of teaching at the university, of training of doctors and psychologists, of professional advice in marketing, in communication, in organizations, both private and public, and so on

In my long practice I have always felt the existence of a common thread among such many and various modalities of intervention and reflection that refer also to psychology
But from the very beginning of my work it also appeared to me, in very obvious terms, than when we say “psychology”, both in the common language of pop psychology, both in the formal language of academics and professionals, we mean in effect a large number of ways to approach our condition of animals or animated humans
Ways which definitely are very different among them

The lack of clarity in distinguishing between psychology as science, psychology as interpretative analysis, and psychology as practice with people, bring lots of colleagues to stumble into great misunderstandings

Mostly it appears to me every day clearer that recognition of psicotecnica or art of the mind as an autonomous discipline separate so much from psychology how much from psychoanalysis

I therefore searched to relaunch an effective psychological practice of work with people
Which is not proposed like a monkey a little amateurish, how much load of feelings of inferiority, nor of medicine nor of philosophy.

I point out that I use some specific terms to describe what I think psychology really is, understood as a whole.
So I prefer to talk about “psychological movement” as well as “psy environment” instead of the most generic umbrella term of “psychology”
When I refer to the many psychologies and the like that travel the world of the research, of the analysis, and especially of the field work with people
I also speak habitually of “psicotecnica”,
Alongside psychology (science) of the mind and alongside psycho-analysis (philosophy) of the mind
Since I mean for “psicotecnica” the “art of the mind” from the greek term “techne” which precisely indicates art, of which clinical psychology represents craftsmanship

Such a choice of mine of these words as well as of others terms, sometimes unusual or unfamiliar for the mainstream of academic psychology, but also very illuminating in the psicotecnica perspective is inspired to the classic latin quote that Dante Alighieri treats from “institutions” of Justinian
According to which “Nomina sunt consequentia rerum “. In other words: “The names are consequent to things ”
Therefore: if we think and we act in different ways, compared to uses now conventional in official academic psychology, it is appropriate to use different terms or terms differently understood, if not really new.
In the present series, named Psicotecnica Drive

I turn both to people that I met, on so many occasions of interaction and work, in countries and cultures different from mine.
But I also turn to the people who, from other countries and cultures, have joined my community of origin. And with whom I had a lot of times the happy opportunity to interact and collaborate.
Among these friends, some have shown some interest for the way I see the psychological movement, both in theory and in practice
While some of them share the idea that psicotecnica view offers an alternative way relevant and very effective for the improvement of our profession of professional psychologists.
But some of them found sometimes some difficulty, to understand certain aspects of my work, for simple reasons of linguistic difficulty. Since I express myself usually in italian.
At this point I felt that it is worth it, also for suggestion of some colleagues, students, friends, and intelligent curious, who do not speak normally my language,

As a director of actual (i.e. psychological) theater, which I too am, I thank therefore, for the quality of their interpretation, the nice intelligent voices who are my speakers
I want to point out finally that, with this series of talks, collected under the heading of “psicotecnica drive”
I don’t pretend to present, down to the smallest detail, all the entire route of psicotecnica, but at least some of its main stages, as far as possible.

As well as for those who could imagine to take an interest, they too, to understand better, the point of view of psicotecnica.
In conclusion. I address everyone my hottest welcome.
Thanks for your kind attention.
See you later again,
And good luck


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