Psylogy Tables


Felice Perussia, Rossella Guarna – PsyLogy Tables: Introducing the official format. Milano: Psicotecnica Amazon, 2013, pp. 82.

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PsyLogy Tables are the complete technique of projective tables which upgrades, bringing to a new and more sophisticated level, the old and often criticized boards of the Rorschach and the TAT.

PsyLogy Tables are the innovative tools that allow you to finally take a step forward in the field of cognitive science and psychodynamics.

We introduce here the official format of the original 41 PsyLogy Tables, selected after a long analytical and experimental screening of the constructs that characterize the deep psychological sensitivity of the people of our time.

PsyLogy Tables build on more than one hundred years of research on the psychology of personality and on psychological analysis. After nearly a century of old painted boards, PsyLogy Tables are finally taking into account the visual sensibility of our time and the progress we have made in scientific research in psychology.

PsyLogy Tables are the new projective psychotechnique. PsyLogy is the indispensable tool for any psychologist who has chosen to be contemporary.